Friday, January 6, 2017

Hola Tierra Bella!

A week of changes. Monday, I said goodbye to Bulnes, and Tuesday I arrived in my new city called Tierra Bella (which means beautiful land).

And Oh. My. Goodness. Is this land beautiful or what? I mean, in terms of the landscape it's fine - but as far as the missionary work, it is heaven! The ward is organized well, the members here are enthusiastic to help, and the people of the city are welcoming all-over, making meeting new people a greater joy than usual. 

The group of missionaries here is smaller than what I've dealt with, but it's kind of nice. The only missionaries are the zone leaders, and then my companion and me. Apparently they've had sister missionaries in this ward for a while, so mine is the first companionship of elders in about a year. So that's cool. 

Speaking of my companion, his name is Elder Arismendiz, and he is from Lima, Peru. He's awesome! He loves the work, he's smart, and we get along great. I think he's already one of my favorite companions. 

We have already found a few people teach in our short time here so far, including a family where only one person is a member. The couple of lessons we taught give me hope that my time here in Tierra Bella is certainly going to be beautiful indeed. 

Hoping everyone's New Year will be just as beautiful (if not more),
Elder Connor Nef

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