Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Feliz Navidad!

This was my first Christmas without egg nog, and it shall be the last!

It's weird having it be Christmas time and be sweating while hearing June bugs. People decorate their houses a little here. All trees are artificial, the largest being my height. A few stores play some Christmas songs, most of which are in Spanish (though a good third are in English), but mostly it's the same as home. I just see a few more Santas in some stores.

Supermarket Singing
We had a really cool activity this week where we sang at the supermarket! It involved the whole zone and the stake choir. While the stake choir sang, the missionaries went on the hunt, passing out Illumina El Mundo (#LightTheWorld) cards.

I went with Elder Lecheminant (the other elder who's 6' 6") to be by the parking lot exit and stop light. We started having some fun - passing cards to moving motorcyclists with a high speed high five, running across the street to pass more cards out during a red and running back before it turned green. I even climbed inside a semi to pass a card out.

After that, the choir and us missionaries switched places, with the missionaries singing and the members passing out the remaining cards. We sang a bunch of Christmas songs, but ended with "The Spirit of God." The supermarket then gave us cookies, sweet bread, and soda afterward.

Skype Calls and Transfer Calls
And of course the week closed out in the best way possible - with Christmas itself! And that means I got to Skype my family. It was so great to see them and talk with them. Love you guys!

Finally, we got transfer calls and what do you know - I'm being transferred to Chiguayante as a district leader! I am going to miss Bulnes - it has been a good six weeks here. I hope that the work I've helped do will lead to great things.

Hope everyone's Christmas was delightful (and full of egg nog),
Elder Connor Nef

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