Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Chilean Fires

Chilean fires just over the hill from Chiguayante
Over one hundred fires are currently burning in central and southern Chile, consuming mostly forests and destroying local farms.  To people who already live in humble circumstances, this is devastating.

A number of zones in our mission have reverted to full-time service to the people affected by this tragedy. All of Latin America, the United States, Russia, and France have been called in to help. I saw a couple of super takers fly overhead because Hualqui (the smaller town just outside of Chiguayante) has some of the worst fires. Our town is miraculously untouched due to the wind being in our favor - pushing the flames in the opposite direction.

Speaking of fire
Close to midnight, we just happen to be up talking.  I am the only one whose bed faces the window, and I look up and see smoke close by!  A gas station had caught fire a block from my house.  Not knowing if this would spread or explode, we booked it over to the zone leaders' house for the night.

Every morning there is so much smoke in the air - it looks like fog.

By late afternoon, the Pacific breeze clears it up. Saturday, the visibility got down to a half a block in the morning. We've been told to use our filtered bottles.

Feliz Cumpleaños, Elder Arismendiz
For my comps birthday, we headed to Ester's house to cut and prune her garden. Afterward, she gave us some cake and we sang Feliz Cumpleaños to Elder Arismendiz.
with Ester

This week has been humbling, thinking about those effected by the fires, But with loss comes an opportunity to look up and reach out to those around you. This will be our mission's focus.

In the meantime, the Lord has blessed us with more families to teach and a good ward to work with.

I am happy to be serving here.

May the Lord keep you all happy and safe,
Elder Connor Nef


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