Monday, January 23, 2017

I Almost Got Seriously Mauled Today

I almost got seriously mauled today.

For our P-day activity, all the elders in my house headed to the big hill in Lorenzo Arenas. The pathway up the hill is paved with stairs, and the house at the top of the hill has some aggressive dogs that are, thankfully, always tied up. All but one of these canines is scared of humans. 

At the base of the hill I got thirsty and took out my water bottle, strangely didn't drink much and felt lazy to put it back in my bag (we had passed by the mission office to pick up some copies of the Book of Mormon and so my bag was pretty stuffed). Well, we began the hike and got half way up the stairs when I see that one dog is loose, but gets scared off when it sees me walking (but he keeps barking). 

The pit bull was like this one
But then the gray pit bull with bright blue eyes starts barreling towards us - its leash broken by his neck. Immediately, I recognize it as the violent one, and pause to see if it would stand its ground, but it keeps running at us. I felt remarkably calm, and knew that running would only trigger its predator instincts. So, I waited until he was 2 steps in front of me, while the other elders hid behind me (a big meat shield). Almost instinctively, I used what weapon I had in hand  - my water bottle. Quickly, I opened the bottle and poured the rest of the water on him. 

The dog instantly cowered and ran back up the hill. Which gave us to opportunity to make a get-away. 

Had I not gotten thirsty, had I not felt lazy to put my bottle back, I could have been seriously messed up by this thing.

Sorry to scare you Mom, it's a good story.

Thank heaven for inspiration and protection or this P-day really would have been the pits.

Love to All,
Elder Connor Nef

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