Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Tres Compañeros

Quail on the banks of the Bio Bio River
Found a Guy Named Gabriel
This week was awesome. Sunday evening we found a guy named Gabriel who contacted us on the street a few days earlier. He wants to fix his life and knows that coming closer to Christ is what he needs. He loved the lesson and is looking forward to more. Should be cool.

I found a part-member family, the wife is not a member.  When we approached the house, she originally rejected me at the gate, but her heart suddenly softened and she let me and Christian in. The lesson went well and we were invited back for second visit.

Cue Heavenly Choir
Then we taught Carmen and Camilla, and with this lesson we hit our goal of teaching 21 investigators with a member present!  WE HIT THE GOAL THE PRESIDENT HAS BEEN TRYING TO GET US ALL TO DO.  I swear I heard angelic choirs.

Speaking of Carmen and Camilla, they are close to baptism.  In fact, they and another family, Yesenia and her kids Michael and Tyson, could get baptized as soon as next Sunday! Praying like crazy for this.

Church Attendance - UP
Sunday was a banner day in that church attendance reached 78 - and 7 were investigators!  Among the attendees was Hermana Gadoy. She has been unable to go because of health issues, but came for her grandson's blessing.
with Elder Oliveira
Introducing, Elder Oliveira
The new elder to join us is Elder Oliveira from Brazil.  I like him. And I love having another missionary in the companionship because three = more splits = more people we are able to reach and teach.

With the help of good members, this tres compañeros thing is great. We are able to divide and conquer and accomplish quite a lot, and it feels good.

Have a Great Week Everyone!
Elder Connor Nef

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