Thursday, October 20, 2016

Power of Everyday Missionaries

Um...some doors are a little more challenging than others
Ya. It has been one of those weeks. One investigator wants to postpone baptism (at least it's still on the table). Another may have compromised her standards, and another investigator is fearful of committing. He doesn't want to be judged by church members.  And my comp's toe - well, it's infected again.

A damper has been put on the work.  Such are the highs and lows of missionary life. It's what we expect, but we hope for the best.

Splits and Sushi
Late in the week, I had splits with Elder Lopez from Uruguay. Great guy. What does one do at the end of a long day of work? Sushi!
Sushi and Elder Lopez
3-1 = 2
Sunday night we get a call from the president saying that Elder Oliviera is being transferred to Chillan because another elder was going home. Makes me sad. Oliviera was a nice addition to the work here. Now we have no more trio.

And since Fuentealba's toe is infected again, I am back to working solo with the members - which works out great.
Elder Oliviera, Elder Fuentealba, y Yo
I also felt prompted to write a bunch of letters to the members in my first area, Quillon. I heard that since I left, the ward has dwindled a little. I felt really good after writing the letters, so I hope they help.

New Goal: 2 References/Day
The mission president set a new goal: 2 references from members per day.  Boy, it was difficult for us to get one reference a week! President even went as far as saying, "If you visit a member and they say that they do not have any references (no friends or acquaintances who are interested in hearing the gospel) - you then ask them if there is another member they know who actually wants to work with you."


Looking at this from a missionary's perspective, it is awesome and bold. But viewing it as a regular life-long member, boy, I am realizing my faults in being a pro-active, responsible member.

Sure, I accompanied missionaries a few times, even went on a mini-mission, but I never reached out to get to know their investigators, and only once gave them a reference. I never did anything that we expect members here to do.

Power of Everyday Missionaries
As a member of a large ward back at home in California, there is always the ability to fade into the background when it comes to missionary work. But here in these wards and branches of 30-100 people, there is no hiding from the work. Everyone must be involved.

And we as missionaries expect the members' help: Finding, Teaching, Fellowshipping, Retaining.

Why? There is power in pairing with members!  Because of this, our goal is to get the whole ward involved.

This expectation has left me doing a little personal inventory. As a member, as a regular person of this faith who purports to follow Christ, bear His Name, and love my neighbor - how often are we really willing to help the missionaries?

My involvement with our good members has changed my perspective and therefore my resolve. I will be more helpful and involved even after the name tag comes off.

Hey All, Every Member a Missionary!

Love you guys,
Elder Connor Nef

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