Thursday, October 27, 2016

Baptism of Carmen and Camila

Camila, Carmen, Elder Fuentealba, and me
What a happy day. Carmen and Camila were baptized! Carmen asked that I baptize her, and Fuenteabla baptized Camila. The only way Fuentealba was able to do it was to wrap his ailing toe in latex and tape, but it still got wet.

The service was held during the third hour of church on Sunday, and several of our investigators came - and loved it!  The Spirit wasn't the only thing that was overflowing. The bishop filled the font too high, and when we stepped in - well, let's just say we were glad to have mops on-hand afterward.

Fun Fact:
Carmen and Camila sometimes calls us "Los Nef".
And they occasionally refer to me as "Pantrucita" - little dumpling.

Queridos Hijos y Hijas
We had a mega mission conference in which president kicked it off by reinforcing the idea of each missionary holding high standards and consecrating themselves to the work - in thought and in action, and he couched this with the admonition to leave the world behind.

His words reminded me of Jeffrey Holland's great talk in the MTC about Investing Yourself in the Work. Elder Holland said in his talk that because of the significance of the latter days,

"You have to be the best missionaries we've ever had, because no task has ever 
been put before a missionary like the one we're putting before you...
"We expect you to be mature, powerful, bold, spiritual missionaries. 
And you have to have an abiding conviction of this work in your heart."

While president Catala was bearing a very emotional testimony to us, you could feel how much he cares for each of us as his own. I mean, in every letter he sends, he addresses us as "Queridos hijos y hijas" (my dear sons and daughters).

Afterward, they had a pie eating contest and had I not eaten such a large breakfast, my comp and I may have won. Hey, but 2nd place isn't bad.

Small World
Monday when I was about to leave the computer cafe, I ran into an old friend - Hermana Robinson - who is now serving in the Concepcion South Mission.
Bumped into Hermana Robinson at the Cafe
She and I were in Zion Choir together and I had taken her to the Priest/Laurel Formal. The missionaries from the south come north on P-days because we have all the stuff.  Great to see a face from home.

Litter Patrol
It's not often that a bunch of guys will get excited about picking up trash, but our stake service project drew out our entire zone to clean up and beautify the lake shore by our apartment. It was fun.
Guess we picked up more than litter
Elder Fuenteabla, Hermano Del Rio, yo, Elder Oliviera
Certificates for running around the Lake
Keeping the Sabbath
This week Elder Brewster and I visited Viviana and family to teach them about the Ten Commandments. Viviana's two boys play soccer on Sundays so we were a little leery about how this lesson might pan out. But when we asked the boys if they were going to keep the commandment to Keep the Sabbath Day Holy, they instantly said,
     "Yes, our mom has now forbid us from playing on Sundays, so that we can be baptized on the 5th with her!"

Viviana had attended Carmen and Camila's baptism and loved it. She went on to share how she'd like to see her sons pass the sacrament.

So great!

Love to All!
Elder Connor Nef

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