Tuesday, March 1, 2016

El Zapo de Exito

Connor and Elder Cowley with a member
The Frog of Success!
My Zone has a thing where the companionship that completes their goals successfully gets to keep, for a week, El Zapo de Exito (the Frog of Success)! And, guess who got it this week? Yep. Sorry I did not include a picture of the prestigious award. I'd like to thank my manager and publicist.

South American Missionary Conference
This last week we got to tune into a conference for all missionaries in Southern South America. It was an open forum discussion with Elder Bednar.  Really good.  The main point was on Action and how we can expand ourselves little by little throughout life.

The broadcast came from Buenos Aires, Argentina. But, funny thing is - while I was watching a missionary in Argentina gets up to ask Elder Bednar question - and it's my friend Victor Prybil. So cool.

This Spud's for You
Remember my 50 pound bag of potatoes? My companion asked if I am sick of potatoes  yet. NEVER. One-third done with the bag. But we are eating more tomatoes these days.
Saturday we helped a less-active pick tomatoes on her small farm. As a sort of gift for helping, she gave us a small crate of tomatoes, a bushel of cilantro, and 2 liters of fresh milk in a Sprite bottle. And the office elders stopped by to give us a cantaloupe. Now we can dine like kings.

Fun Facts:
-  Every day people point out my big feet. Si.
-  Found out that I don't like honeydew melon. The Chileans LOVE it and love serving it. So, when this missionary is served a gaggy slice, well, I am polite and just muscle through it.
-  Because everything is small here, I hit my head at least 4 times a week. Tuesday I hit my head a record 5 times in a single day.
-  Chileans have an expression, "Bajar la cana" (throw down the cane), which means to give someone a verbal smack-down.
-  Ate a red peach the other day. We're talking blood red, less sweet. Man I'm tired of eating peaches.
-  Cool thing about living in the "campo" (country) is you get close to rural life.
Horses in Quillon
Faith and Unexpected Inspiration
Went to a member's house the other night. The wife was there, but her less-active husband was not, and it was clear that she wasn't doing so well because her husband is a heavy drinker. As she opened up about her struggle, we felt the need to talk about attending church. And I felt prompted to share with her the story of a family in my ward back at home.

Back when I was 13 years old, this inactive sister decided to attend church one day, and that day proved to be an answer to her prayers because the youth speaker in Sacrament meeting happened to say something that helped bring perspective to her struggle. She and her husband were unable to have children and had let that affect their faith.

But, inspired by what she heard in church, she had a new resolve to recommit to the Lord and become active. Soon after that she was blessed with a healthy baby girl. I almost choked-up.  I was the youth speaker years ago (but I didn't share that part of the story). The Spirit was so strong. By the end of our visit, this sister agreed to begin attending Church again.

When we live our faith, God has ways in which He reaches back to us to uplift and inspire and bless us in the most unexpected ways. We just need to take the steps.

That's our week. We're doing a good job hitting our goals. Who knows, as we keep at it, we may be privileged to hold onto our amphibious award - <deep echoey voice> El Zapo de Exito.

May your week bring you a Frog of Success,
Elder Connor Nef

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