Monday, February 22, 2016

The Guy with the Purple Backpack

Quillon Grapevines
This week was great.

The Guy with the Purple Backpack
On the bus back from zone meeting, a guy with a purple backpack came up to us speaking English. His name is Antonio. He has a beard, shoulder length hair, knows French, English, and Spanish, and has traveled around the globe to at least 20 other countries. Cool guy. Anyway, he admittedly has a drinking problem but knows that our message can help because he has a brother up in Santiago who was a heavy drinker and chain smoker until he quit as soon as he heard the gospel and converted.

We taught him twice this week in the church building, and then he ended up coming to Church on Sunday.  All three times he said he felt peace, something he doesn't get much. So far, he is doing his homework: reading the Book of Mormon and drinking less.

That was the highlight of the week.

Hey, I Know You
Knocking doors isn't always the most effective way to find people to teach, but when you bring a member with you, well, sometimes surprising things can happen. So, we were knocking doors one night with a member, Manuel, and this 15 year-old guy was completely rejecting us. But when he took a look at the member in-tow, and realized he knew Manuel, well, he changed his whole demeanor. That led to a discussion on an array of topics: prayer, guitars, the Plan of Salvation, and how science and religion are more connected than people sometimes think.

So yeah, because of an awesome member who was willing to tag along with us missionaries, we got a new investigator!

Adios Hermana Piriz
Hermana Piriz (a sister missionary in our ward) is going home to Uruguay. We had a party for her Friday night with a small group of members. It was nice.

Avellana - Quillon's Hazelnut
Had a nut called Avellana. It supposedly only grows in the hills around Quillon and looks just like a hazelnut.

Like I said, it has been a great week. We hit nearly every goal set. It's a good feeling.

Happy Birthday Ashley!

And Tenga una buena Semana,
Elder Connor Nef

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