Tuesday, March 8, 2016

By the Obedience of One

Horse drawn wagons are a common site here in Quillon
By the Obedience of One
Zone Class this week was really meaningful. Instead of splitting into districts, we all gathered in one big circle and had a discussion on Obedience. Some great comments were made. One Elder even testified that because of his obedience, his family joined the church. Reminded me of a scripture, so I shared it.
For as by one man's disobedience many were made sinners,
So by the Obedience of one shall many be made Righteous.
Romans 5:19
This applies to fellow-missionaries, families, and with people in general, really. And as we missionaries make it our goal to follow the commandments, the ward members and investigators will be more likely to follow suit. Obedience begets more obedience.

The Wonderful Thing About Tiggers
I received the package you (my family) sent me. OH MY GOSH, ARE YOU GUYS MIND READERS? I was so excited for it, I began opening it while walking home. 
I love the Tigger (Mr. Evans' nickname for me in high school Journalism), the potato seasonings will be put to good use, the clothes are awesome (I'm wearing the Mustang t-shirt right now), and the snacks are amazing (chocolate is pretty expensive here). THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH! I wish I could hug you. Man, you guys make me so happy.

More and Less A Great Week
It's been a good week. I am getting more sleep and am having less appetite. Yeah, just a good feeling to this week.

Fun Facts: 
-  Chileans in Quillon like hanging Ox yokes above their porch. Reminds me of Jesus saying he'll take our yoke upon him.
-  Used a legit outhouse this week.
-  I baked a peach pie. For all the things I messed up on, it actually turned out really well. Yummy.
Behold, the peach pie!
-  Some common Chilean ice creams are called "Savory" and "Danky," which is funny because both are English words with totally different meanings.
-  Happy Birthday to my sister Lauren (in France)! I sent Lauren a special birthday present via Dropbox. I learned the Happy Birthday song in French in the CCM and I have practiced it just for this time. Hope my pronunciation isn't too bad. Love you, Lauren.

"I Want to Go with You"
There is a part-member family we are teaching and as we're getting the 9 year-old son ready for baptism, we had the idea that his 24 year-old brother (currently less-active) should baptize him. When we extended the invitation, well, his face just lit up. He is so excited about this opportunity that he came teaching with us the following day saying, "You know, I want to go teaching with you as much as I can so I can get to know more people." He's a shy guy, but awesome.

Look at that, by the obedience of one, his 9 year-old brother. Pretty great. The baptism is in two weeks.

It's in the Small Stuff
So, I contacted someone on the bus, gave her a Restoration pamphlet (she read all of it during the long bus ride), talked to her about missions, the primary program (she has two kids - 4 and 8 years old), and I committed her to come to Church, but forgot to get her address for a return appointment. Oh well.

Seems the reoccurring theme for me this week (both in lessons learned and in lessons I have taught) has been about how growth comes little by little, and that it is by small daily acts we strengthen our faith.

Reminds me of the scene from the first Hobbit movie where Gandalf is talking to Galadriel about how he thinks it is small things (like Hobbits) that keep the darkness at bay. (I always celebrate my nerd roots). It's all in the small stuff.
The Frog of Success now wears a California hat (represent)
Wishing you all a great week and keeping Grandpa Nef in my prayers always.
Elder Connor Nef

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