Tuesday, March 15, 2016

A Sign for the Sabbath & Service in Cement

This week was pretty mellow. Had to push back some of our teaching appointments. One of our investigators is struggling with the word of wisdom, but his prayers are really awesome and sincere. He just needs better friends and a better job. We can definitely help with one of those.

Service in Cement
My companion and I got to play in the dirt by helping out Patricio with building a house for his daughter's family. We were starting with the foundation, mixing and pouring cement.

Aaaah, the rewards that follow an afternoon of work...food.
Hot dog with guacamole. Guacing the dog?
Bernin - deep fried bread with cream filling

Obedience and the Sabbath Day
Sunday's Stake Conference was cool. A special broadcast from Salt Lake City to all of Chile with Elder Russell M. Nelson concluding the line-up of speakers - and he spoke in Spanish! Way cool. His topic was Obedience with an emphasis on keeping the Sabbath Day holy.

Bus ride to Stake Conference with ward members

"How do we hallow the Sabbath day? 
In my much younger years, I studied the work of others who had compiled lists of
things to do and things not to do on the Sabbath. It wasn't until later when I learned from the scriptures that my conduct and my attitude on the Sabbath constituted a sign between me and my Heavenly Father. With that understanding, I no longer needed lists of dos and don'ts.  When I had to make a decision whether or not an activity was appropriate for the Sabbath, I simply asked myself, 'What sign do I want to give to God?'  That question made my choices about the Sabbath crystal clear."
(Russell M. Nelson, The Sabbath is a Delight, April 2015)

I like that. What are my actions saying to God and to others? Not just for the Sabbath day, but every day. Do the signs and signals I give out say that I am an honest and decent person?  A good friend?  A representative of Jesus Christ?
Me and Patricio
Well, since today is Pi Day (3.1415....), I am hoping to make a pie and get a haircut. We'll see how time goes.

Elder Connor Nef

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