Monday, March 28, 2016

"I Need to Do That Don't I?"

Elder Cowley and I with Luis
The Baptism of Luis
Luis was baptized on Saturday. A meaningful service for a guy who is a walking miracle. 57 year-old Luis almost died a year or two back when he fell 10 meters on his head during a construction job. It's a miracle that he even survived. And when the sisters found him, he proved to be a golden investigator.

During their first lesson with Luis, the Hermanas held up a picture of Christ with John the Baptist at the River Jordan.
          Luis asked, "What's Jesus doing there?"
          "He's being baptized," they said.
          "Well, I need to do that, don't I?" he suggested.
From the beginning, Luis' goal was clear.  After more lessons, finding friends at ward activities, and spiritual nourishment at meetings and conferences, here Luis stands, eager to enter the fold of God.

Luis had to use my white tie and Elder Cowley's white pants.  The bishop baptized him.  Happy day.

Noche de Talentos
The ward got together for a Noche de Talentos - ward Talent Night. Some fun moments:

-  6 year-old danced to a Shakira South Africa World Cup song.

-  Someone did the Quaga: Chile's national dance that's supposed to mimic the courtship of a rooster and a hen.

- Oscar, Elder Cowley, and I sang a song from Imagine Dragons (well, I sang, Oscar played drums, and Cowley was on guitar). It was fun.

Warmin' Up Them Vocal Chords
Speaking of singing, our Zone has been practicing a song for Zone Conference that was composed by my district leader, Elder Hepworth. It's a mix of "If You Could Hie to Kolob" (ya, weird words, but the music is pretty) and "Come Thou Fount." It's a good mix of Spanish and English.

Breaking Tradition
Had another lesson with our staunch Catholic family who reads the Book of Mormon every night. The lesson was awesome. They know the Book of Mormon is the word of God. They feel the truthfulness of the record and value it's teachings for their family. Admittedly, they say the one thing holding them back is their long-standing relationship with the Catholic church, not necessarily for its teachings, but purely because of tradition.

"Once I get a firm answer that your Church is true," said the dad, "I'm going to work to convert my whole family (they have 3 adult children), Then I will try to convert my neighbors."

This Week's Chilean Fun Facts:
-  Chile just lost to Argentina in soccer. People were bummed.
-  Inflation is fast growing - the exchange rate for Chilean peso is now 700 pesos to the dollar.
-  The fleas have stopped biting.
-  A bus we took to stake conference had a sign that said it does not allow frogs.
-    Durazno = nectarine.  Damazco = peach. Everyone has a durazno tree. Fruit grows everywhere.

-  It's beginning to get cold enough to wear sweaters.
-  Learned how to make Manjar - a caramel sauce made from sweetened condensed milk. Put a can of sweetened condensed milk in boiling water and before you know it you have caramel. Mmm.
-  Again, dogs everywhere.

"I need to do that don't I?"
Heard about the terrorist bombings in Belgium this last week. A sobering reminder that we are in the last days - a time when the Lord is Hastening His work, so it should come as no surprise that Satan is hastening his.

Who am I kidding? I am still surprised - even shocked - when evil surfaces to this extent. Makes me appreciate my faith all the more and want to share the light with anyone who will listen.

Let's just hope that the good that emerges from the darkness will be a serge of individuals and families who, like Luis, will look for answers and find it in the gospel of Jesus Christ, and have the faith to say, "I need to do that don't I?"

Have a great week everyone,
Elder Connor Nef

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