Saturday, December 10, 2016


Thank You MiaMaids and Varsity
It's nice to have an awesomely amazing stake. The terrific youth sent me cards and chocolates. Yum. It was not only delicious, the thought boosted my enthusiasm.  Thank you!

And, thank you family for your words of inspiration.

The Focus
Our mission president has emphasized "keeping focused on the work - always!"  While we can't have Jesus on the mind 100% of the time - How I like to interpret this is to put Heavenly Father first in everything. This means looking for Christ more in the world around me. To help in this effort, I always love the challenge of connecting things to the gospel. You know, looking for those life-lessons.  That, to me, brings so much coolness and perspective to life.

The Gut-Punch
The challenge of being in a mission that seems to be focused on numbers (20 investigator lessons with a member present - per week) is when you do not reach the goal, it's a real punch in the gut. I feel like we are the only sector in the mission to not reach the goal.

I don't like teaching to just get a number. My goal is to bring people to Christ and show them how the gospel can bless them.

This week has been spent knocking on a lot of doors with little success.  Partly because the Branch of 30 active members out of 300, struggles with the basics.  So what I see this area needing is a drive to strengthen our members and activate the lost.

One of the programs we started was having a Branch Family Home Evening. This week we got together and showed the Church's Christmas video Light the World.

Packed with Inspiration
Half the mission gathered this week for a Mission Conference with a visiting Authority, Elder Packer (son of Boyd K. Packer).  His focus was on being more direct with our investigators, and dropping perennial investigators (investigators who do not progress and do not want to commit). This is exactly what I have been trying to tell our district and zone leaders.  Teaching perennial investigators just to get numbers is not my idea of missionary work.  Elder Packer then suggested using the My Family pamphlet in our finding. A pamphlet that focuses on family and genealogy.

Family and Genealogy is always a great idea!

The Love of Christ
One afternoon my spirits were down. This time, I was just sad for not accomplishing much.  Then it hit me that if I keep thinking like this, I will fall into a depression and will lose blessings promised me in my Patriarchal Blessing, including mental health. So, to counter this, I only have to remember Who I represent and who I am serving.

This week was also Stake Conference. What a nice meeting that was. Gave me a chance to see old friends from my first area, Quillon. The messages were great too - mainly focusing on sharing the Love of Christ.

We are not just a Church - we are a Family.  That's the best focus of all.

Love and Blessings to My Friends and Family!
Elder Connor Nef

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