Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Rolling Up My Sleeves

Been trying to get to know my new area of Bulnes this week, and it's a little slow in coming. One reason for baby steps in Bulnes is because we helped the assistants over in their area for two days (I taught with Elder Rojas). Then I was down with some kind of bug (or food poisoning) for a day and a half. So, that kind of put a damper on teaching in our own sector.

Our numbers suffered.

I am meeting more members in the branch and really loving them. Even gave a talk in church on Sunday about member-missionary work, hoping to stir up some camaraderie between missionaries and members and enlisting their help in the work.

December = Blueberry Season
When we aided the assistants in their area, we had some great discussions. After one of the visits, the family handed me a pound of blueberries. My favorite!  Turns out, December is blueberry season here.  2-3 kilos for 1 luca! And Bulnes is full of blueberries.

Fruits & Nuts
Fun Fact:  Blueberry is Arandano. Cranberry is Arandano rojo (red blueberries).

This street vendor cracks me up:

Building up this area is going to take a bit of work and a lot of love for the people. I am certainly not afraid of hard work. In addition to finding those who are ready to hear the gospel, my goal is to visit all the recent converts from the past year and see how they are doing. At the very least, I want them to know they have a friend.

Rolling up my sleeves!  It's going to be a better week, folks,

Love to All,
Elder Connor Nef

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