Saturday, November 19, 2016

It's All About the Temple

Missionaries at Concepcion Temple building site
We took a walk over to the new Temple building site here in Concepcion and spoke with the missionary couple over the construction process who showed us renderings of how the Concepcion Temple will look when completed. It was pretty remarkable.
Chile Concepcion Temple                                              photo:
The surrounding neighborhood looks more like Cupertino, California than Chile. Here's an aerial shot:
Concepcion Chile Temple construction             photo:
Concepcion Temple Groundbreaking Ceremony
The groundbreaking ceremony for the Concepción Chile Temple was held just a year ago - October 17, 2015.  Elder Walter F. González, President of the South America South Area, presided over the event, and Church News reported it.
"This is a great day," Elder Gonzalez said,
"for both members and nonmembers across this South American nation.
The building of Chile’s second temple (the first was opened in Santiago in 1983)
will allow members throughout the greater Concepción region
to draw closer to their families and the Lord."

Elder Teixeira, of the Seventy, noted the beauty of the day in central Chile—and the beauty of the many gathered for the groundbreaking events.
"The future temple," he said, "will allow families to claim
the Lord’s greatest blessings as they are sealed together,
not just for this life, but for all eternity. 
That’s why temples are so important.
Prepare to enter the temple by first building faith in Christ."

It's All About the Temple
It's always exciting news when a temple is being built in a city. It's a monument to the members' faith, really.  We are fortunate to have temple buzz right here in our mission because the temple is so important in our work. After all, everything we do leads individuals and families to the House of the Lord.

After church on Sunday, we thought it would be a good idea to bring some of our investigators to the temple building site.  So, we loaded up four cars of people - Juan, Silvana and Genesis came along. Shortly after we arrived to the site, the sister missionaries showed up with their investigators.

Right after this picture was taken, people from other wards started showing up in droves. It was great. 

We talked about how the completed temple will look, about its importance, and then we returned to the church for refreshments and a mini lesson expounding a little more on temples.

left: with Elder Fuentealba and 
ward mission leader Hermano Del Rio

Transfer Calls
Well, transfer calls came, and as expected, I am leaving the fine city of Concepcion for the little town of Bulnes. Apparently the missionaries have bikes there. Should be fun.

Have a Great Week, All!
Elder Connor Nef

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