Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Dia de Todos Los Santos

The day after Halloween is November 1st - Dia de todos los Santos (Day of All the Saints), or in the states it's known as Day of the Dead.  It's a holiday to celebrate loved ones who have past on.  Here in Chile, they take the day off, head to the cemetery, and decorate (sometimes very elaborately) the graves of the departed.  It's their way to remember their ancestors.
The entrance to Concepcion's local cemetery was blockaded with small tents of various vendors peddling flowers, food, and decorations for the graves.

We passed by Carmen and Camila's home and taught the Plan of Salvation. The timing of the lesson with the holiday sparked all kinds of questions about our spirits.

Bienvenidos Esteban
This week's Family Home Evening with the ward was a special one because Esteban Lopez had returned from his mission to Colombia, and this was going to be his Welcome Home party.
Esteban is the first missionary from the Concepcion Stake to complete a full time mission in almost a decade. This was a big deal. Definitely something to celebrate.  And I can see why. Esteban shared his testimony and there was a great spirit.

Esteban went on splits with me to teach a lesson. It was fun.
Esteban Lopez speaking to the ward
Having hit my own 11-month mark that day, I couldn't help but contemplate the progress that I personally lack that only the mission can give me. I look forward to a lot more growth.

All Saints Day
In the days of Christ, the word saint was not describing a holy person who had performed a supernatural feat, but instead a saint was referring to a member of Christ's Church.

And the reason we call ourselves the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, is to distinguish ourselves from the Church of Jesus Christ of early days. So a saint for us today is a normal member of the church. One of a community to follow Christ's teachings.

Dia de Todos Los Santos - a great way to celebrate ancestors, but All Saints Day is also a great way to celebrate with members of the church - every day.

Adios Todos,
Elder Connor Nef

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