Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Newby Conference in Concepcion

Went to a conference in Concepcion for new missionaries. Elder Garcias (another newby) and I headed out one morning, but along the way our bus broke down. Determined to make conference, we quickly hopped on another bus, and when we finally arrived, I met up with my CCM buds (missionaries from the Mexico MTC).

The two-day conference was good - various workshops (ranging from Obedience, Planning, Studying) taught by the president, his wife, and the assistants.

with Elder Allen
Mini-Cambio in Concepcion
After lunch, they paired each of us with a zone leader and sent us out to work the streets of Concepcion. I was with Elder Allen - a guy from Seattle, Washington. We mostly contacted, but the real treat was tagging along with him to teach a First Lesson to a gal. The Spirit was strong.

That night, I didn't sleep well because I was taller than my mattress (even diagonally).  The next morning, it was back to conference where I got some one-on-one time with President and Sister Arrington.

Then it was goodbye to my CCM buddies and I was back on the bus to Chillan (where we had some more zone workshops), and finally home to Quillon.

There are so many fun facts about this city and the Chilean culture, so I think I'll bullet-point them for you.

Mission Fun Facts:
-  "Quillon" is the right-angle crossbar on a sword handle between the blade and the hilt.

-  Since we cannot ingest water, everything I drink here is from the Coca Cola Co. (Fanta, Hidden Valley etc)

-  Grapevines grow everywhere, and we are surrounded by fruit trees. Cool.
 - Chilean Spanish can be described best by comparing it to English dialects. For example, Mexican Spanish is like Valley girl Spanish. Dominican is like the southern drawl Spanish, and Chilean is like a fast, thick Irish brogue to English.

-  Chileans add -po to the end of words. For instance, they say "sipo" instead of "si."

-  It does not get dark until 10pm, and sunsets are cool.
Quillon sunset
-  The Seal of Chile has a Goat and a Condor on it. Why a goat?

-  I cannot fully stand up on any bus unless I stand under the Emergency roof exit.
Brazo de la Reina

-  You can't walk a block without seeing at least 3 dogs.

-  They have a pastry here called "Brazo de la Reina" - the Queen's Arm. A cake roll filled with very sweet caramel and covered in nuts or coconut.

-  Supermarkets here are more like small gas station stores.

-  Instead of saying "Adios," Chileans, like Italians, say "Ciao!"

-  Obedience is Power!

It was a week of conference inspiration. Now it's time to put that inspiration into action.

Blessings to All. Ciao!
Elder Connor Nef

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