Saturday, February 6, 2016


This week was good. We are up to seven investigators - a great improvement from having zero when we arrived. We are realistic with the fact that not all prospects will stick around, but our focus will be on progressing everyone we can. I have a feeling that a lot of my time will be planting seeds.

We get a lot of practice because we spend many hours knocking doors. And it's a good thing that the people here are super loving, because it makes the rejections so much easier to swallow.

Language on the Lift
My language skills are coming along great. I can understand about 50% of Chilean Spanish now and it's picking up every day. In fact, sometimes I understand people better than my companion (and his Spanish is awesome).

Elder Cowley
Speaking of my companion, Elder Cowley and I get along great. He told me that before his mission he was a shy guy. Not any more. He is very animated and everyone loves him. He is known for finding 3,000 family names in his ancestry in one hour. Amazing. Looks like his mission is extended to both sides of the veil.

Se Habla Ingles?
We started up a weekly English class, held every Saturday. This will give us a little more exposure and provide a positive service to the community.

Another activity we do is playing soccer once a week with members, less-actives, and anyone else who wants to join in. So fun.

Missionary Activity
Had an activity today at a member's home. Two zones came together for soccer, basketball, hanging out and eating. Both zones are big, so we had 1/4 of the mission there.
Missionary activity at a ward member's home
Crooning with Patricio
Karaoke Anyone?
Ward activity this week was Karaoke and dessert night. We made snickerdoodles to contribute to the munchie table and they were a hit! During the activity, my companion and I braved a song with a less-active name Patricio, singing Hey Jude. And guess what? Afterward, Patricio said he wants to meet with us more. Cool!

It was a fun ward activity. I like the bishop, Bishop Olivares. He's a cool guy - a convert of five years, who was inactive for a while, but then got his footing in the gospel and was made branch president then bishop.

Two Hermanas (sister missionaries) share the ward with us: Hermana Piriz (from Uruguay) and Hermana Miner (from Utah).

Our ward mission leader, Mario, refers to me as Friend and treats me like a grandson. Great guy. Despite how small the ward is, we always have a lunch appointment with someone.
Ward mission leader, Mario
Well, that's our week - full of activities. So long for now from the southern hemisphere!

Elder Connor Nef

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