Wednesday, March 8, 2017

In Between the Biobio and the Beach

Elder Portillo, a member, and me at the Biobio River
On a successful afternoon helping teach lessons in another district, Elder Portillo, a member, and I pass along the Biobio river. Let me tell you a bit about the Biobio.

Biobio River
The Biobio is not only Chile's widest river (the average width is 1/2 mile wide), it is one of country's longest.  This large beauty rises in the Andes and flows northwest 380km (236 miles) across the central fertile valley clear to the Pacific Ocean. 

Biobio was named from Mapudungun, the ancient language of the Chile's native people (the Mapuchen).  They considered it to be a river of life.

Waffles in Concepcion
Had to go to Concepcion to work out some matters and I found a street food cart selling waffles. Mmm. Whipped cream, bananas, and manjar in a waffle. Life is good.

Several days this week, we helped a member make journals for a few local schools - collating, punching, and binding.  My job was clipping the metal bindings.

Saturday our zone got together for a service project where we cleared out grass, weeded, filled holes, chopped foliage, and removed trees.  It was a blast.

Today for P-day, we took a hike to the beach where I found a purple crab and a starfish. Cool.

Sandwiched in between the Biobio and the beach, it was a pretty productive week.  A lot of teaching. Several service projects.  Moments of helping fellow missionaries. On top of that, we have an investigator, Sebastian, committed to baptism, and four investigators came to church on Sunday. 

What a blessing!

Wishing you all a blessed week,
Elder Connor Nef

Happy Birthday, Lauren!!!!

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