Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Comida Con Familia

Familia Rios Arroyo
All my pictures are with food this week because, well, we had a lot of really great dinner appointments. Let me introduce you to some of my Chilean families.

BBQing with Familia Rios Arroyo
The familia Rios Arollo threw us a Chilean BBQ. This family makes me feel like family.
I love meat!
Mati, the teenager, and Hermano Arrollo (guy with the mustache) come with us on visits all the time. Mati is my crazy bro and Arroyo is my crazy grandpa.

Tacos with Familia Seguel
Familia Seguel (another part of my Chilean Family) made us tacos. Believe it or not, tacos are not common here. Tortillas are a rarity. That's Sebas on the left. He likes rapping, and is pretty good, too.
Familia Seguel

Sebastian Sandoval
Sebastian Sandoval, our investigator who is getting baptized this Saturday, had us over to eat with his parents and sisters. He in the center giving the thumbs-up.
Familia Sandoval
Earlier that day we had helped the Sandovals paint their house.  They entrusted me with the electric spray paint gun and I think I painted my comp more than the house.

Sebastian is basically with us every day. Whether it's a church activity or a visit, he asks to tag along. And since he is such a great kid, we welcome the company. He told us that he is sharing the missionary messages and pamphlets with his friends.


Sebastian Montecino
Another Sebastian is scheduled to be baptized on Saturday. Sebastian Montecino.  We visited him a few times this week to prepare him thoroughly for his big day.

Sonia, another golden investigator set for baptism in 2 weeks, is doing well. Had a small scare on Sunday, though.

Sonia pulled us aside and said that she could not be baptized the 25th because her friends from another ward have their temple trip and won't make it back in time. So now she is getting baptized the 23rd! A Thursday.  Listo!

I've had a really difficult week in some aspects, but being around some good food with great families, well, there's the silver lining.  Looking forward to Saturday's baptisms.

Can I ask for your prayers this week?  Thank you.

Blessings to All,
Elder Connor Nef

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