Thursday, August 11, 2016

Just Grateful

The Zone Leaders and me
Things I am grateful for this week:
-  Ice cream farewell party for Elder Hepworth. He's been a good missionary. I wish him well in the real world.

-  One of my best friends, Elder Cedeno, is taking Hepworth's place in our house! He is from Ecuador, but knows English because he's lived in the states for years.

-  Cambios (exchanges) and good talks with Elder Rojas.
Concepcion Zone  (sadly, no sisters because the area is too dangerous)
-  Good music. Movie soundtracks have been especially inspiring.

-  The song, Hold On from the Secret Garden. The lyrics and music brought comfort this week.

-  Jeffrey Holland's talk and testimony on the Book of Mormon. We played it at a Noche de Barrio and the Spirit was strong. Also shared his testimony in a discussion with Juan and Salvina and the Spirit hit powerfully again.

Elder Alvarado packed away
-  Lessons on the Holy Ghost and investigators saying they feel that Spirit at our church meetings.

-  The whimsical discovery that my companion can fit into my suitcase (picture right).

-  The Bishop randomly singing falsetto soprano with some opera music. He won my trust right there.

-   Bishop giving a Sunday lesson relating the Power we have with Faith to Superman. Older people got into it because they read the comics. How awesome!

-  Ward Talent shows at the church. Fun and random.

-  Not grateful for fleas. They are creatures of the infernal pit.

But I am grateful for:
-  Packages from my family!!! Oh my gosh I got so pumped with everything!  Pictures, a French scarf and tie from my sister, shoes, music, a sock monster thingy, and scads of other cool stuff. So great.

-  My family.

-  Smiles from people on the street that I meet.

-  Finding the right words to say at the right moment.

-  Connecting.

-  Feeling God's love.

It's been a great week, everyone.

Love to All,
Elder Connor Nef

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