Saturday, August 6, 2016

If You Can Dodge a Wrench, You Can Dodge a Ball

Ward mission leader Hermano Del Rio, my comp Elder Alvarez, y yo at a ward activity
This week was one of knocking doors, talking like James Earl Jones, and trying to have more patience with my companion.  He's a bit of a neat freak and I am starting to annoy him. Even though my stuff is organized, I guess it's not enough for him. So I am trying to be more organized....and patient.  Both are not fun, but are great gifts to have.

Let's just say I'm glad to have the chill Zone Leaders in my house.

Congratulation Juan and Silvana!
After 25 years of companionship, Juan and Silvana finally tied the knot!  That evening, the ward put together a cute little wedding reception.
Juan and Silvana's wedding reception
I'm so happy for Juan and Silvana, now the next step is baptism.

Speaking of baptism - the mission president's goal for this month is lofty: 11 baptisms in every Zone for the month of September. If we can rally the members' help, I know we can do it.

Dodge Duck Dip Dive Dodge
My Zone played dodgeball this morning with the Andalien Zone. Found out that I am decent at dodgeball.  The key to remember is:  "If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball!"  (that's from the movie Dodgeball).

If You've Got an Itch...
Found out hydrocordizone cream works wonders on flea bites.  SO.  MANY.  FLEAS.

Lost in Translation
Saw a journal on display in a store. Something tells me that they used Google to translate the cover write-up.  Click the image to enlarge so you can read it.  So funny.

Remembah Who You Ah
Mid-week a bad cold hit me.  The medicine I took did wonders. Added bonus, the throat lozenge looked and tasted like a large Smartie. Delicious. Anyway, with meds I was able to walk around and work, and while forging forward I've sounded more and more like James Earl Jones' Mufasa.

I don't usually get sick but this is my 3rd time being ill on the mission. That's so weird.  With all the coughing and fever, I wonder if I have a touch of bronchitis.  Another thing to exercise my patience, huh.

During sporadic down time this week, I've listened to classical music (so nice! I'm probably the Elder with the most classical music), and I've read two cool talks: "Lock Your Hearts," by Spencer W, Kimball. Oh my gosh, this talk is powerful - a definite must-read for a mission.
"Lock your heart and leave the key at home." 
- Spencer W. Kimball
In other words, the best things in life are worth waiting for, and complete focus on the Lord and his work for two years is a small price to pay for a lifetime of blessings for yourself, and for others.

The other talk: 
"Beware of Pride," by Ezra Taft Benson.  Another must-read for everyone - especially for those who have a hard time with forgiveness.
"Most of us consider pride to be a sin of those on the top, such as the rich and the learned, looking down at the rest of us. There is, however, a far more common ailment among us—and that is pride from the bottom looking up. 
"It is manifest in so many ways, such as: faultfinding, gossiping, backbiting, murmuring, living beyond our means, envying, coveting, withholding gratitude and praise that might lift another, and being unforgiving and jealous.” 
—Ezra Taft Benson

There you have it - whether you are avoiding pride in its many varieties, or becoming frustrated with a companion, or whipped by a cold-bug, it's all a game of dodgeball, really.  So here's the strategy: when things come at you, keep your head in the game and dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge some more so you don't get knocked down or taken out.

And always remember: "If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball."

Until next week, Friends,
Elder Connor Nef

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