Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Adios Cakewalk, Hola Refiner's Fire

Mexico MTC District

My flights to Mexico were awesome. The guy sitting near me at San Jose looked like RDJ. Flying over LA was especially cool when I looked to my right and saw the Hollywood sign.

Now that I am here in the Mexico MTC, our district is really cool. My companion is a pretty serious guy and a good roommate. He, a trio of Hermanas (the ones in burgundy skirts), and I are all going to the same mission. Everyone else to Washington state.

I ain't gonna lie, this week has been rough, but I have had loads of spiritual moments. Spanish is coming slow. I have pronunciation and grammar down but my vocab has hardly progressed. It´s challenging keeping up with teachers sometimes and it looks like I will have to sacrifice personal time everyday to memorize the language, which is slow work for my brain. If this were English, it would be a cakewalk, but that is not how the Lord works.

They want us to speak only Spanish by week 5, that means I am either going to talk as little as possible or something miraculous may kick in. Right now it looks like the first. 

As they say, anything worthwhile takes work, and this experience is calling forth everything in me. It may be uncomfortable. It may be grueling. But I am giving the Lord my all, because hasn't He done the same for us?

Love you. Miss you already. Back to the grindstone,
Elder Connor Nef

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