Tuesday, May 23, 2017


Winter is coming
Did I mention my companion has foot troubles?  Yes, but now that is the least of his problems. Thursday we did not get into a single house.  Nada.  So we steered in the direction of the church and found a guy named Pablo. He lives in the Pradera, the ward next door, in the Leonera (lion's den - it's the most dangerous part of town). He is interested in the gospel, seems to have his heart in the right place, but we shall see.

That night, my comp started getting another migraine that carried on into the next morning. They usually last for only a couple of hours, but this one was a doozy. I called president and he is going to check with the mission nurse to see what else can be done. In the meantime, house arrest... I mean house resting, yes resting in the house.

Then we find out my comp also has a stomach virus on top of his migraine.  Which means, yes, house.

Our water keeps being turned on and off - I don't know why.

Don't judge me.
I didn't have a recipe or milk, but it tasted delicious!
Prep for Post?
Is this whole stay inside-thing (due to comp ailments) supposed to be some sort of prep for post-mission life?  Because I am supposed to go to med school?  Get patience?  Learn to study? Be a gospel guru?  Bake better?  Write better? Memorize things?  The possibilities are endless and at the same time hugely limited because I am INSIDE.

OK, I'm caving, can you send me yoga instructions?  No me importa! what others will think. At least this would provide some exercise and a little stress relief. I'll call it broga.

Despite being cooped up, I managed to go on some exchanges and find a couple of seemingly golden families to teach.  And members have been a tad better about giving us referrals - especially when we ask them for names of inactive members.  The plan is to visit the less-actives to re-introduce them to the Light of Christ, and let them know they have friends in the church.

I may be cooped-up inside, but God can turn any experience into something worthwhile. Something positive is going to come of this. I know it.

Pray for my companion. Pray for our area.

Love You, and Stay Healthy, Friends,
Elder Connor Nef

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