Thursday, February 16, 2017

From Rock Crushing to Star Gazing

On a service project with the hermanas
Rock Crushers
Service projects are always a welcome activity, but when you get to smash things - it's the best!  We joined the Hermanas on a project to crush rocks and bricks into pebbles and powder, and we did it with hammers. I LOVED IT!!!

That night we joined the Young Men in a game of  fútbol, partly because their leader went to Cancún and put us missionaries in charge of the guys.  And, so after the game, with a captive audience, we shared a message on the Restoration. Three of the guys were non-members, and they seemed to be very interested in what he had to say. What made it even better was that the rest of the young men joined in the teaching and shared their testimonies.

I think it went well, because the next night, those non-member guys, along with half of the fútbol crew showed up to the Ward Family Home Evening. Everyone had a great time.

Grass Cutters
Another service project had us clearing 1/4 acre of solid grassland that I swear was as thick as the African Savanna. I got covered in dirt.

Star Gazers
That night as we were walking back to the house, I looked up at the night sky and realized how clear the stars are out here. Gorgeous.  The view brought my mind back to star gazing with my family and my sister Ashley explaining the constellations.

Ya, my family loves star-gazing.  Whenever a heavenly event was taking place with stars or planets or anything cosmic, my family would head for a dark open spot, where we'd throw quilts on the ground, lay down, and gaze up. We'd be there for a couple of hours, looking at the stars, telling stories, taking in the grandeur of it all, and appreciating how blessed we are.

I am blessed.

Speaking of blessed, Sunday we had four investigators come to church. Two of them were the youth from fútbol.

Have a good week, Friends,
Elder Connor Nef

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