Thursday, September 15, 2016

From Head to Toe

This week's Zone Conference Class was all about Order, Obedience, and Unity.  And, like the Bro-Zone we are, we got some snap backs with our names on them.
We dressed in sports clothes because of activities at the end that demonstrated Unity.
The Bro Zone
Dedo Pulgar del Pie (Big Toe)
That afternoon we almost had to cancel our appointments because Elder Fuenteabla's toe was pretty infected. He had surgery on it awhile back and has since had trouble with it.  Thankfully, two ward members came to the rescue: one to babysit Fuentealba, and the other to go out with me to make visits.

Letting in the Light
We had great lessons with Yesenia, Victor, Luis, and Estephani. All are progressing. It is such a neat experience to see the Spirit work on someone during a lesson, little-by-little changing their heart. Like a light turning on. So great. 

A-Tabbing We Will Go
Later in the week, when all appointments dropped, and the doctor ordered Fuenteabla to stay off his toe, well, we spent the day at home.  While stuck inside, I went on a tabbing crusade of marking my scriptures. And look!
Being stir-crazy led me to Sticky-Note the room of the Zone Leaders and play Where's Waldo. Cedeño found Waldo the next day. Brewster took a bit longer.

All-in-all, Friday was a testament to me that a Missionary is a creature created to GO OUT AND WORK, and not stay inside. 

From Blister to Brewster
The very next day, Elder Cedeño got a blister on his toe so bad - he couldn't walk! So he stayed inside with the other Bad Toe, and Elder Brewster and I went out and worked, then we cleaned the church, and filled the font for a baptism they were having that evening.

Felt good.

You're Never Too Old to Be Baptized
Elder Cedeño was able to limp over to the baptism with my comp so that he could baptize 70 year-old Jose (an adorable 5' man). During the baptism we watched the Messages of Light videos by David A. Bednar. Super cool.  Have a look.

Thought Full
Thursday onward, my attitude for the work and everything changed. And I know precisely why. My prayers had gotten pretty lack-luster before bed.  So I determined to be more thoughtful in communicating with my Heavenly Father. And, guess what. I felt more happiness come and fill me up. And when I became more thoughtful, the Spirit made my thoughts full.

And I saw God in the little things. I appreciated the small stuff. 

Which I am grateful for because most often we look for Him in the grand and miraculous, but those things don't happen very often. And since they don't happen very often, we think God isn't there.  But when we learn to look for, and see Him, in the little common stuff - ah, that's when we see Him every day.

Have a Thought Full Week, All,
Elder Connor Nef

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