Monday, May 23, 2016

The Path of Christ

Quillon sunset
Ok, can I just say that foreign computers are FRUSTRATING! Slooow internet, no internet, dinosaur models, keys in different spots, no uploading capabilities. There should be a warning sign: Caution. Patience needed.

First Baptism!
Had my first baptism! 10 year-old Jeremias entered the waters on Friday - his birthday. An appropriate day to become renewed and born again, this time into the Fold of God. Jeremias was so excited, he hugged us afterward.

Teach Repentance
Word from the mission president is that many missionaries get 1 or 2 good lessons but then the investigators lose interest. Funny, that's exactly what has been happening in our area. He suggested that we teach Repentance more.

Seeing that this seemed to match our problem perfectly, we decided to take his advice, and guess what? The lessons were better!

The Path of Christ
I have come to more fully understand Repentance. You know, Repentance gets a bad rap. To teach repentance is not to sermonize with fire and brimstone, destruction and guilt.  No. In fact, it's the opposite.  Because Repentance is so inextricably connected with the Atonement of Christ - the most epic expression of love and compassion and progress - teaching Repentance is about going in, understanding people, and leading them to a path of improvement.

That's what repentance really is - a path of improvement. The path of Christ.
Quillon District missionaries with Manuel
And, who wouldn't want a personal upgrade?

Love You All!
Elder Connor Nef

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